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Ork Submersible

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Ork Submersible[1]

Ork Submersibles are thick hulled and crude submarines, heavy duty enough to negotiate even the harshest depths of oceans and storm-wrecked seas.[1]

They feature vast holds able to house large mobs of Ork infantry. The Ork Boyz who ride in bellies of Submersibles see them as huge aquatic Battlewagons, and embrace the new type of attack with a cheerful attitude typical of all Greenskins around the Galaxy. When the vehicle emerges from the depths, usually behind enemy lines, its great metal doors grind open and whole mobs of Orks pour forth, hooting and yelling as they splash through the shallows to engage the enemy from an unexpected quarter. Ork Submersibles are typically equipped with a bunch of torpedoes, artillery pieces known as Seacannons and sometimes a bunch of Big Shootas with which they support deploying troops once they're manoeuvred into position.[1]

Famous Engagements

Ork Submersibles are believed to be invented by infamous Ork Mekboy Orghamek especially for the purposes of surprise assault. They were first used during the Third War for Armageddon. Cannibalised and cobbled together from disused Imperial tankers, a whole flotilla of them was constructed in the Fire Wastes. This region was judged useless by Imperial Strategos, but Ghazghkull and Orghamek proved this a mistake when the Submersibles crossed the ocean to get to Armageddon Prime, revealing themselves around Hive Tempestora. This manoeuvre allowed Orks to conquer the Hive in mere hours of bloody and violent fighting. Known Submersibles used on Armageddon included:[1]

  • O.S.S. Snaggletoof
  • Da Drilljaw
  • Killafish
  • Da Big Ugly Surprize
  • Da Orka
  • Orkilus - destroyed by unknown monster Orks called 'Da Big Tentacley Fing'

Ork Submersibles were also used during the War for Bhorc Prime[2] and Assault on Black Reach.[3]


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