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Ork Vehicle Upgrades

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"Now this could use a little extra flashy bitz!"
- Big Mek.

Trukk with Boarding Plank, Wreckin' Ball and Reinforced Ram[1]

Ork Vehicles are as unique as the rest of their technology, varying in size, construction and weaponry. But some Meks go even further and customize them with one of their special devices. The most common of them are listed here.

Armour Plates

Some Mekboys enhance vehicle armour by bolting strips of metal to the sides of the vehicle. This improvised armour plating gives greater protection to the vehicle from most ranged attacks, although they give no extra defence against ordnance hits.[9]

Boarding Plank

A Boarding Plank is effectively a wide piece of material which can support the weight of an Ork, allowing them to storm across in large numbers to reach and take over an enemy vehicle, provided none of the vehicles move too fast.[1]

Deff Rolla

The Deff Rolla is a more powerful version of the Reinforced Ram - a great metal cylinder lined with spikes and barbs that brings the weight of the vehicle to bear on anything on its way. It is tremendously effective, allowing the vehicle to crush infantry and even other vehicles under it. It is often attached to the front of larger Ork vehicles, such as Battlewagons and Battlefortresses.[1][7]

Grabbin' Claw

A Grabbin' Claw is effectively a giant claw-like device which allows Ork passengers to grab an enemy vehicle and stop it from "running away". It is, however, quite cumbersome and as such is useless against anything that can move out of the way fast enough.[1]

Grot Sponsons

When Orks feel their tanks don't have enough weaponry, they sometimes mount additional Big Shoota sponsons with Gretchin manning them. That makes them more accurate than usual Ork weapons, but these sponsons are very fragile and are easily destroyed in battle.[6]

Red Paint Job

Most cultures in the galaxy place special meaning on the colours they can perceive. Many vehicles in the Ork armoury are painted red as a result of the superstition that it makes them "go fasta!". Because of the cumulative psychic effect of the Waaagh!, this thought manifests itself as a real boost to the operation of a vehicle. The effect is not limited to vehicles as red is found on just about any item an Ork wants to make stronger, faster, shoot better, etc. The most fanatical Orks belong to the Kult of Speed and use red liberally.[9]

Reinforced Ram

Ork drivers often miss the thrill of close combat and so their vehicles are often customised so that they have to do something while they drive. It gives the vehicle a much better ability to ram its way through a battlefield and make its way through dangerous terrain.[1]

Spikes 'n' Blades

Effectively a huge number of spikes and blades welded, strapped or glued onto the side of an Ork vehicle, and help to protect it during close combat. They are not used on Ork transports, however.[9]

Stikkbomb Chukka

The Stikkbomb Chukka is a simple mechanism, allowing the vehicle to fire Stikkbombs in support of deploying Orks, giving them cover as they plunge out of the vehicle into the ranks of the enemy. It also has the effect of demoralising enemy troops. It can also be installed on Mega Armour, giving its user a better chance when assaulting enemies behind cover, although it does mean that they are preoccupied with throwing the Stikkbomb and cannot attack with as much force.[1]

Turbo Boosta

Also known as Turbo-Chargas, Turbo Boostas are effectively huge spare engines strapped onto the side of the vehicle which can be activated whenever the driver likes. It does have a tendency to have an unpredictable range and prevents anyone from shooting or disembarking from the vehicle as they are holding on for their lives.[9]

Wreckin' Ball

Orks love demolition almost as much as they love war, and in battle they often use a giant spiked ball on a chain which swings rapidly and uses momentum to damage the slow-moving vehicles or even infantry that are too slow to evade its crushing blows.[1]


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