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Ork Walker close combat weapon

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the walker weapons; for the Grabbin' Claw or Wreckin' Ball, see Ork Vehicle Upgrades.

Orks manning walker vehicles retain their passion for close combat and so almost every Ork walker will feature some kind of close combat weapon. These are as varied as the average Choppa, taking the form of buzzing saws, giant chainfists, huge drills, bigger versions of Power Klaws or anything in between. All of them are deadly up close, ignoring any armour and striking with enormous strength, and some give some additional advantages. Bigger walkers commonly feature bigger and more deadly weapons.

Killa Kan and Deff Dread sized

Also known as Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons (also referred to as Power Shears, Buzz Saws, Drillas, Crushas or Kombat Klaws[14a]) these are featured on Killa Kans and Deff Dreads, sometimes up to four on a single walker, allowing it to crush an enemy in a flurry of attacks.[1][11]


Ork walkers sometimes are equipped with Wreckers, close combat weapons used to crash buildings, often used in urban warfare.[13]

Mega Dread sized

Also known as Kill Saws, these weapons are mounted on Mega Dreads and Meka Dreads and due to their size are deadly up close.

Rippa Klaw

As well as more common weapons, Mega Dreads often feature Rippa Klaws, a set of huge metal claws that are especially handy in ripping vehicles apart and destroying buildings.[2]

Klaw of Gork/Mork

The Klaw of Gork and Klaw of Mork are massive Power Klaws mounted on Gorkanaut and Morkanaut heavy walkers.[15]

Stompa sized

Also known as Titan close combat weapons or Kombat 'Ammers, these monumental weapons are often surrounded by a crackling energy field and confer the walker impossible strength, allowing it to crush super-heavy tanks like fruit. These are mounted on all kinds of Stompas.[8][14b]

Krusha Ball

Some Stompas feature an unusual weapon, known as the Krusha Ball, a huge chunk of scrap metal on a chain, which is mounted on a Stompa's arm in place of the regular close combat weapon. Its swings cause immense devastation, krushing everything in its path: soldiers, vehicles, buildings and terrain. However, it is not without its risks. If the backswing is too much, it will smash back into the Stompa, causing immense damage to the Stompa itself.[9]

Gargant sized

Also known as Mega-Choppas these are mounted only on biggest Ork walkers - from Supa Stompas to Gargants and to see one in action is to witness a truly apocalyptic scene.[8][14c][14d]


Ork Mega-Gargants feature weapons so big they dwarf even Mega-Choppas. Known as Krushas these are the biggest and most deadly close combat weapons in the Galaxy.[14e]

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