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Warboss Orkamungus

Orkamungus was a Warboss on the planet Tartarus, where the Orks had begun a planet-wide Waaagh! He stood at about 3 meters and weighed well over a ton with his mechanical body enhancements and his powerful muscles.[Needs Citation]


Orkamungus had command of several massive Ork clans, who had surrounded the Imperial cities and were launching an assault on a vitally important space port. As the Orks closed in, the Imperial Guard was hard pressed to evacuate civilians from the doomed planet. However, the Blood Ravens Space Marines miraculously arrived on the battlefield via Drop Pods and thwarted the Orks' victory.[1]

Later, Orkamungus was contacted by Sindri Myr, a Chaos Sorcerer of the Alpha Legion, who began trading weapons to the Orks in return for them waging war on the Imperial forces and distracting them from the Alpha Legion's true mission there.[1] The Warboss took offense at being ordered around by "humies," but the smooth-talking Sorcerer managed to keep him under control. Orkamungus agreed to the deal because the Alpha Legion was "not worth fighting yet" (reasoning that if they were strong like Orks, they wouldn't need the Orks to fight for them), but planned to turn on them as soon as the Imperials were beaten.[1]

Orkamungus was later hunted down and killed by the Blood Ravens during the subsequent battle.[2]

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