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Orlando Furioso

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Orlando Furioso was the former Chapter Master of the Howling Griffons Space Marine Chapter. His tragic story is a dark shadow that has long fallen over his Chapter's otherwise glorious history.[1]

Late in the year 220.M38, the Howling Griffons were preparing to celebrate the 5,000th anniversary of their Founding. As Chapter Master, Orlando Furioso and the First Company made their way to the Chapter's homeworld, the Daemon Prince Periclitor the Foresworn of the Word Bearers, along with a substantial force of his Chosen and his Night Lords allies fell upon the Howling Griffons' ship as it traversed the Arios beacon.[1]

The battle was a furious one, culminating with Periclitor and his elite boarding Furioso's battle-barge aboard their Dreadclaws. The attack crippled the ship, and the defenders were forced to evacuate aboard their Thunderhawks and escape pods. The battle was continued upon the surface of Arios Quintus, where the survivors were surrounded and eventually cut down. The desecrated body of Orlando Furioso was mounted upon the fore of his Thunderhawk and left to drift in orbit above the plant for a month before it could be recovered. This has become the root cause of the Howling Griffons' bloody vendetta against Periclitor, which has persisted into the current millennium.[1]

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