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Ormantep Raid

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The Ormantep Raid was a battle between Imperial and Chaos forces in 999.M41.[1]


On the 13th day of Secundus in 999.M41, Cadian Sector command lost contact with the sparsely populated Mining World of Ormantep. Located at the outskirts of the Sector and close to the Cadian Gate, the planet was an important Astropath listening post and was thus guarded by a company of Kasrkin.[1]

It soon became apparent that the world had come under fierce assault. The attack that crippled the station came with complete surprise and left only a handful of survivors, among them a single dying Astropath who was able to call for aid from a nearby Imperial Navy Cruiser. The attackers identified as a small but elite company of Black Legionaries who had sought to quickly knock out the Astropathic Choir. However their plan was foiled by a heroic last stand by Kasrkin that held off the Chaos Space Marines for several hours until the plea for aid had been dispatched. As the Traitors closed on the hastily Kasrkin-constructed barricades of the inner sanctum of the Choir's fortress, night fell. It was then that the tide of the battle turned, with Black Legionnaires being mysteriously cut down and dragged into the shadows by howling creatures. In minutes, all the Chaos Marines were dead. Their bodies were found savagely ripped open, and the only evidence of the identity of their slayers was a distorted vox recording of howls. Many have since come to suspect that the world was saved by the Space Wolves 13th Great Company.[1]