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Orrik Von Darnus

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Orrik Von Darnus was an Imperial Judge serving in the Calixis Sector sometime in M40.[1]

An infamous Judge, he turned to intellectual pursuits late in his career by analyising the Lex Imperialis, eventually publishing a massive tome known as the Promise of the Pax Imperialis. In the book, Darnus argues that the Arbites should focus on sedition, treason, and actions against the Adeptus Terra while leaving "lesser" crimes to the local enforcers. Recent editions of the book point out the religious slant of Darnus' works, and some suspect they were forged as a tool of the Ecclesiarchy. To this day, Darnus and his writings are regarded with high esteem within the Adeptus Arbites. One of his most noted fans is Lord Marshal Goreman.[1]