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Orsani Rudvald

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Orsani Rudvald was a member of the Cadian 8th Regiment, when they were sent to search for any survivors of Kasr Gallan, after it fell to Cultists.

It was there, that he rescued a young Ursarkar E. Creed and became a mentor to the child, when Creed then accompanied the Regiment to different battlefields. Creed grew to greatly respect Rudvald, and the older Cadian helped to shape the Guardsman he would later become. Because of this, Rudvald was the only person Creed allowed to call him by his first name. He was also one of the few people, Creed told of the mysterious Space Marine, that had spoken to Creed in the ruins of Kasr Gallan, before he was found by Rudvald. Eventually the time came when Creed became a Guardsman and left his mentor's care, but Rudvald's service to Cadia was later ended, after his body became too ravaged by war. Rudvald then returned to Cadia and became an Archivist for the 8th's home fortress of Kasr Rorzann, where he found consolation in the vaults that held the Regiment's history.[1]

Creed would still visit Rudvald when he had a chance though and the now veteran General did so the morning, a muster of Imperial forces was to occur on Kasr Tyrok. It came in response to the Chaos activity spreading in the Cadian Gate in late M41, but Creed felt it was the beginning of another Black Crusade. None of Cadia's High Command believed him though and Creed claimed they were not up to the task of protecting the Fortress World, from the storm he knew was coming. After hearing this from Creed, Rudvald told him of the rare Cadian title of Lord Castellan, which was granted when great a crisis struck the Fortress World. Though he did not know how the title was granted, it would put one person solely in control of Cadia's military might. Hearing this greatly lessened Creed's worry and as he left to join the muster, he told Rudvald he would seek to have Warmaster Ryse take on the title. Before Creed left though, Rudvald asked if he truly felt, Ryse would make a good Lord Castellan. When he answered no, Rudvald suggested Creed should take the title then, but the General merely laughed and left after thanking Rudvald for his help.[1]