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Ortruum 8-8

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Ortruum 8-8 (left) Baertrum Arturos III (middle) and Thaetos 23-2 (right)

Ortruum 8-8 is Necromundan Psi-Hound, that serves as a Bounty Hunter for Lord Helmawr and his favoured servants. Like all of the Psykers created from the Psykanarium breeding program, Ortruum 8-8 is heavily mutated and is unable to stand or even feed itself and is of interminable gender. These mutations have forced its masters, to augment Ortruum 8-8's body with suspensor implants to facilitate movement, inducer rigs to keep its organs functioning and a neural-crown to keep it docile. However despite its appearance, Ortruum 8-8 is a potent, yet horrifying, psychic weapon to be unleashed upon the enemies of Lord Helmawr.[1]