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Oruscar Dynasty

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The symbol of the Oruscar Dynasty

The Oruscar Dynasty is a Necron Dynasty noted as once being bitter rivals with the Sautekh Dynasty. While the power of the Sautekh was spread wide throughout the galaxy, the Oruscar's holdings were limited to a handful of ancestral worlds laden with technological wonders. The rivalry has not ended since the reawakening of the Necrons. Both dynasties are pursuing the wider goal of reclaiming the galaxy, but may one day come to clash with one another once more.[1a]

The Oruscar Dynasty is known to possesses a powerful ancient artifact known as the Celestial Orrery on the Tomb World of Thanatos.[1b] This has resulted in long-running siege by enemies in search for the device, first the Word Bearers and next fellow Necrons of the Kardenath Dynasty.[2]

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