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This page contains spoilers for: Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II

Osmadiel is a Fallen Angel Master, who is reformed and once again loyal to the Imperium. Fighting in the Emperor's name while in a self-imposed exile, he waits for the day the Dark Angels can leave the past behind. He has command of a sizable force of Fallen Angels, who share his values.[1]


In the aftermath of Cadia's destruction, Segmentum Obscurus became a massive war zone and a Chaos fleet threatened to claim Caliban's remains. This led Osmadiel and his fleet to return from their self-imposed seclusion, in order to defend their destroyed Homeworld. However the Chaos fleet's numbers would be too much for Osmadiel and during the battle, he sent out a plea for any Imperial forces nearby to aid his fleet. The Imperial Navy Lord High Admiral Spire would answer and his fleet aided Osmadiel in destroying the Chaos fleet, earning the Fallen Angels thanks.[1]

Soon afterwards, though, the fleet of the Dark Angels Master Korahael appeared and confronted both of them. Spire was surprised to see Korahael, as he thought the Dark Angel had been[1] slain in Cadia's death throes[2]. Korahael remarked in reply that his supposed death, was a common misconception. He then declared that by order of Supreme Grand Master Azrael, Spire would join his fleet and attack Osmadiel, who was a traitor to the Imperium. If the Admiral did so, the Dark Angels would forgive him for aiding Osmadiel. The Fallen Angel replied he should have known that the wounds between the Fallen and the Dark Angels have not healed, despite the millennia that has passed. Korahael told Osmadiel that there was no redemption for the Fallen, only the absolution of death. Spire meanwhile, was unaware of the conflict between the two groups and stated he did not understand what was going on. Osmadiel declared that no explanation would serve the Admiral and that he had no part in the battle between the two Masters. He then asked if that Spire had any respect for the victory they just achieved, then the Admiral should stand down and not interfere. Korahael, though, claimed that Spire's duty to the Imperium required the Admiral to fight the traitorous Osmadiel. It is not known however, what the final outcome of the battle was.[1]


The outcome of the battle depends on the decision, the player controlling Spire makes. If they join Osmadiel, then Korahael and his Dark Angels are killed in the battle, while if they join Korahael, then Osmadiel and his Fallen Angels will die instead. Afterwards, the Master that was chosen will aid Spire, as the Lord High Admiral seeks to restore the Imperium's rule to the embattled Segmentum Obscurus.[1]