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Ostentio Contritio

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The Ostentio Contritio was a Warlord Titan of the Legio Gryphonicus that fell to the forces of Chaos, during the Battle of Tallarn.[1]


Taking part in the Battle of Tallarn, the Ostentio Contritio barely survived the deployment of virus bombs and the crash landing of the macro-transporter Eagle's Talon, which scoured the planet with nuclear fallout. The electrical-magnetic pulse unleashed by the explosion almost overwhelmed the titan's systems. They barely held, though the overload was enough to damage the connections between its machine-spirit and its Princeps. Most of its crew was killed by the virus unleashed upon the planet, liquefying them. Only the Titan's command chamber was able to resist the viral infiltration. Its only survivors were the Princeps, [[Benwrath and some of its Modartii Majoris, though the surviving Modartii were rendered comatose and the Princeps was physically paralyzed.[1]

Six days after the nuclear explosion, Warsmith Koparnos of the Iron Warriors traitor legion saw that the Titan still had power and entered it. The Space Marine sabotaged some of the Titan's reactor ventilation systems to make a rudimentary decontamination chamber, in order to purge his body of the virus. Koparnos ran diagnostics on the Titan and found it was mostly intact. He then fooled the Princeps into believing he was a loyalist. The Astartes tricked the Princeps into trying to communicate with the Titan's machine-spirit, which caused her to fall unconscious. Using this time, Koparnos repaired the damaged interface systems of the Titan. The Astartes then surgically attached the Princeps and Modartii to their command posts, and removed their defensive augmentations against the Titan's machine-spirit, essentially turning them into organic command/control components. He then rigged a crude command console, linked into the Princeps' brain.[1]

Koparnos allowed the Princeps to awaken, to see his victory. The Princeps tried to resist, but could do nothing as her captor activated her link to the machine-spirit. The machine-spirit, driven mad by its extensive injuries and the loss of so many of its brethren, overwhelmed the Princeps' now defenseless mind. The merge left just enough of the Princeps' mind that she could tell the Titan what to do, but she no longer had a will of her own, that was now dominated by Koparnos. The Warmsith then saw a battle in the distance and commanded the Ostentio Contritio to move toward it. The fallen Titan obeyed.[1]


  • At least two unknown cannons[1]
  • Several unknown secondary weaponry[1]

Known Crew members

Other Notes

The Ostentio Contritio is noted as being over 30 meters tall and almost as wide.[1]

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