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Other bolt weapons

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Here you will find an overview of some more exotic bolt weapons:

Angelus Bolt Carbine

Note: Not to be confused with Angelus boltgun carried by the Blood Angels' Sanguinary Guard.

The Angelus Bolt Carbine is secretly produced in the Fane of Fykos on Gunmetal. The fanes on Gunmetal produce, under strict surveillance and security measures, the casings and primary propulsion charges for the bolt shells used by the Space Marines. Despite the strict control some of these shells (called "blind" shells) "disappear" and can be subsequently used for the aforementioned carbine.[1]

Only the most exquisite materials are used for this gun and the lacquered stock of the gun houses three bolt shells in its magazine. Due to the highly illegal nature of these weapons (and its ammunition) only very wealthy and trusted clients get the opportunity to obtain one, amongst them the richest bounty hunters and most famous beast-slayers of the Calixis Sector.[1]

Concealed Bolter Cane

These concealed weapons take the form of richly decorated staffs, canes or batons and house one bolter round which has been modified with a penetrator tip to pierce the lower end of the staff. While they can be reloaded they are primarily designed for single use. Afterwards they can be reloaded and re-disguised when the time allows it. The bolter cane is known to be operated with a variety of ammunition types. This kind of weapon is used by some Rogue Traders.[2]

Volg "Spitfire" Bolt Pistol

The Spitfire "bolt pistol" (which is in fact not a real bolt pistol) is based on the Lucifer pattern launcher, a handgun-like device used for firing signal flares, tow lines and similar purposes. Allegedly created by an outcast tech-adept from Magnavar named Verey, legends have it that the weapon was created to fight giant Maw-flukes. This ad-hoc weapon proved so efficient that it has been produced on Volg ever since. Some Spitfires are even sold as authentic bolt pistols to people who don't know better. Instead of real bolts the Spitfire uses modified rocket-propelled distress flares with crude impact detonators. This ammunition is not nearly as effective as real bolts but is still quite lethal and will ignite flammable materials.[1]