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Overlord Gunship

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Space Marine Aircraft; for the other uses, see Overlord (disambiguation).

The Overlord is a new aircraft used by Primaris Space Marines, one of the vehicles commissioned by the Primarch Roboute Guilliman to the Archmagos Belisarius Cawl.[1]


Overlords are a new aircraft that seems to be an evolution of the Thunderhawk. It has powerful quintuple engines and twinned hulls thick enough to permit insertion from orbit like Thunderhawks or Stormbirds, despite being similar to Corvus Blackstars.[1]

Like Blackstars, Overlords possess twin transport bays with their own assault doors, but they're considerably bigger and even more blessed with advanced technologies like energy shields.[1] The cockpit sits between the two halves of the double fuselage.[2]


An Overlord is equipped with anti-munitions cannons, wing-mounted Desolator Lascannons, nose-mounted Melta Cannons and Heavy Bolters fixed on its lower wing surfaces.[1] In addition, a variety of missiles can be mounted to the wings, and the flanks of the Overlord are studded with crewed weapons bubbles containing heavy guns. The wings may be tipped with gatling las.[2]

Transport Capacity

An Overlord can transport at least eighty Primaris Space Marines.[2] During the Battle of Ardium, an Overlord transported one early-pattern Space Marine and thirty-nine Primaris Space Marines, some of which were wearing Mk X Gravis Armour,[1] while an Overlord attached to Fleet Tertius of the Indomitus Crusade carried forty Primaris Marines (fifteen of which were Aggressors in heavy Gravis plate) in each of its twin holds during a boarding action.[2]

Notable Overlords

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