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Overlord (Xenos)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Xenos Species; for the other uses, see Overlord (disambiguation).

The Overlords were a Xenos species that ruled over Barbarus and preyed on the Human population that dwelled there. Their exact nature is not known, but according to Barbarun legend they were once human or something like it, before being altered by a pact made with a dark power.[2] If true this would challenge their classification as xenos, but seeing as the species is extinct the question will likely remain unresolved.

The greatest of the Overlords was the High Overlord Necare, who brought about the species' downfall when he found the infant Mortarion and chose to raise the Primarch as a weapon to use against his enemies. Necare was a cruel taskmaster, though, and his brutal treatment of Mortarion eventually caused the Primarch to rebel against the Overlord and escape from his fortress. From there, the Primarch began organizing the Humans the Overlords preyed upon into an army that eventually hunted down and destroyed them. Necare became the last of the Overlords, and Mortarion alone came to confront him at the Overlord's fortress. However, Necare's fortress was located on a high mountain peak and Barbarus' poisonous atmosphere greatly weakened Mortarion. The Primarch would have been easy prey for Necare, but before the Overlord could strike Mortarion down, the Primarch's true father, the Emperor, appeared beside them, having challenged Mortarion to either defeat Necare alone or swear fealty to the Imperium. The Emperor easily killed Necare and then whisked the wounded Primarch to safety. With Necare's death, the Overlords became extinct.[1]

Known Overlords

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