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Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map unknown.jpg Name P'thun Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg
Expansion: Unknown
Location: Eastern Fringe Unknown.jpg
Colours: Unknown

P'thun is a Tau Sept that was once an Imperium Frontier World known as Pathon, until it was devastated in an invasion by the Ork forces of the Freebooter Kaptain Badrukk. The invasion left the world a shell of its former self and later allowed the Tau Empire to easily annex the world. However, sometime later, Badrukk returned to invade the world once more, in order to retrieve the treasure he had hidden on P'thun when it was controlled by the Imperium. This time the battle that followed was vastly different, as the world's Vior'la Fire Warrior garrison fought back fiercely and Badrukk was later shot down by Tau Commander Skyfire, before the Freebooter Kaptain could escape with his treasure of Ork Teef. With Badrukk defeated, the will of the Kaptain's forces was broken and the Tau were victorious, although the victory cost many of the Fire Warriors their lives.[1]

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