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Pacification of Teghar Pentarus

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The Pacification of Teghar Pentarus was the first battle that the Primarch Sanguinius took part in after being reunited with his father.[1]

Originally, the campaign was meant to be waged by the Luna Wolves as well as the newly-christened Blood Angels, as many in the Imperium distrusted the savage "Revenant Legion". When Sanguinius arrived alongside Luna Wolves Captains Abaddon and Torgaddon, it would be the first time he would meet his sons. However, Sanguinius shocked all assembled by first learning the name of each and every one of his warriors. Giving a speech before his assembled sons, Sanguinius stated that he would swear an oath to his Legion instead of the vice-versa. Sanguinius stated he hoped he could live up to leading his sons, and that he would stand with them whatever may come be it glory or damnation. He declared the IXth Legion to be scattered and broken no longer, and that they alone would conduct the coming campaign without the aid of the Luna Wolves. Sanguinius' humility roused the assembled warriors, who immediately pledged themselves to their Primarch.[2]

During the subsequent campaign Sanguinius killed a ferocious carnodon. The pelt of the beast was fashioned into a ceremonial war cloak for the Primarch.[1]

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