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Pacification of the Ark Reach Cluster

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The Pacification of the Ark Reach Cluster was a campaign of the Great Crusade.[1]


After negotiations failed with the Phoenix Court, a representative body of the 6 systems of the Ark Reach Cluster, the war began. The first 4 systems fell to the combined assault of the Space Wolves and Word Bearers. The Space Wolves waged a destructive campaign nothing short of genocide, while the Word Bearers destroyed much of the Cluster's culture and knowledge before erecting idols of the Emperor on the orders of Kor Phaeron. Only the world last two worlds were still resisting thanks to the efforts of the Avenians, whose defeat required the assistance of the Thousand Sons. This resulted in the Battle of Shrike. In the aftermath of the battle, a dispute between the Wolves and Thousand Sons over the fate of the planet's Great Library resulted in a brief skirmish between the two sides. Total bloodshed was only prevented thanks to the efforts of Lorgar.[1]