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Pain glove

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The pain glove (also referred to as a nerve-glove) is a type of torture device used by certain Space Marine Chapters, especially the Imperial Fists.


It is a "glove" of electrofibre mesh suspended in a vertical shaft, covering the entire body with the exception of the head. It fits the body like an intimate second skin. The glove stimulates nerves to inflict the most agonizing pain throughout the body, without causing physical harm. The device ensures the individual is kept conscious throughout the ordeal by suppressing reflexes which cause fainting.[2][3]

Space Marines are well-used to pain, and the goal is for the marine to manage to see past the sensation to gain insight or even create a mental link to their chapter's Primarch.[2][3]

The Imperial Fists, while their discipline is legendary, use the device extensively. One possible theory is that their use of the device is linked to their tendencies toward self-inflicted pain, and/or inspired by their Primarch Rogal Dorn's use of the device in his meditations. Using it as a tool of both torture and penitence, the Battle-Brothers use the Pain Glove, after a mission, to cleanse themselves and reaffirm their faith in the Emperor and the Chapter.[2][3]

The longest-known amount of time that anyone has endured the pain glove at Level Tertius without going insane, is fifty-two minutes. By that time however, the pain will have been so burned into the nerves as to become permanent.[1]

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