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Palace of Slaanesh

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The Palace of Slaanesh[2]

The Palace of Slaanesh is Slaanesh's realm within the Warp.


Those that dare his realm risk becoming trapped in its warped delights for eternity. The Dark Prince's realm is divided into six domains, arranged in concentric rings about the Palace of Pleasure. The palace itself can only be reached by passing through all six domains. The circle of Avidity plays upon the interloper's greed. The circle of Gluttony is next; it plays upon the intruders desire for lavish foods and wines. The third circle is the circle of Carnality, where the perfect desires of the heart reside; testing to the extreme the individuals desires. The fourth circle is the circle of Paramountcy, where the traveler is greeted by roars of adulation, here the intruder is tempted with absolute power over others. The penultimate circle is the circle of Vainglory. The traveler is presented with his ideal self-image, and if he feels but an ounce of pride, for eternity will this circle be his prison. The last circle is the most perilous, it is a heavenly place, within which resides a seemingly perfect environment. Every second that passes fills the intruder with bliss, but to rest and enjoy the pleasure for a single moment results in falling into a coma, and eventually dying in idle bliss. One may walk the circles for centuries, but cannot for a second give into his ultimate desires for he will fall. If one is able to successfully pass through the circles he comes before the palace and Slaanesh himself. It is impossible for mortals to look upon the god without instantly losing their soul, for all who see it become willing slaves to every whim of the Dark Prince.[1]