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Palanite Enforcers

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The Palanite Enforcers' symbol[6]

The Palanite Enforcers are Necromunda's local law enforcement.[1]


More akin to an army than a police force, the Enforcers trade in violence and control, purging settlements and habzones if even the faintest hint of sedition against Lord Helmawr’s rule is uncovered. When bigger disturbances need to be dealt with, the Subjugators and Enforcers are unleashed, delivering justice with extreme prejudice.[2] All manner of crime is met with a swift and vicious response, for those that transgress against the Imperial regime must be brought to justice before they can corrupt others with their recidivist ideals. Such brutality is born not of a cruelty among the Palanite Enforcers or the sadistic will of Lord Helmawr himself, but rather as a simple necessity. The Enforcers are always significantly outnumbered by the people they are meant to control, a thin line of troops keeping billions under the Imperial yoke.[5a]

Palanite Enforcers poster, asking for informants[10]

Palanite Enforcers adhere to a strict military structure similar to the Adeptus Arbites and very unlike the loose affiliation that make up most gangs. This is important as Lord Helmawr’s personal army must be beyond reproach and utterly loyal. It must also be able to police itself, the dedicated within the Enforcers ensuring the weak links within their own organisation are quickly dealt with. Within the upper levels of the hives the Palanite Enforcers are divided into Provost Marshals and Proctors. Most Enforcer patrols operate out of local Precinct-Fortresses, gathered around one of the Precinct’s Captains.[5a]

Enforcers are chosen from the hive populace because they show strength of will and initiative beyond their peers. Many begin as rebellious individuals who are broken through savage training. They are stripped of everything they once were and are pledged only to keep Helmawr's regime secure. The training process is so rigorous that few survive it. Those that survive are given new names and stationed far from where they once lived, forming new bonds with their squad mates.[5a]

Palanite Squads wield a variety of weaponry that usually outclasses that of ganger counterparts.[9a] These include Stubbers, Enforcer Bolters, Shotguns, Autopistols, Shock Batons, Sniper Rifles, Concussion Carbines, SLHG Pattern Assault Rams, Grenade Launchers, Vigilance-pattern Assault Shields. For protection they usually wear Flak Armour.[3][4] They also have access to vehicles, such as the Tauros Venator ATV, which are crewed by Enforcers known as Palanite Rangers.[9]


A Palanite Enforcer[5a]
  • Provost Marshal
  • Proctor
  • Captain
  • Ranger[9]
  • Sergeant
  • Patrolman
  • Rookie

Palanite Subjugators

Palanite Subjugators are more heavily armed and armored than normal Enforcers, and are sent to deal with large disturbances to Necromunda's Pax Helmawr. Led by Subjugator Captains, they deliver justice with extreme prejudice, while wielding stub guns, shock batons, subjugation pattern grenade launchers, SLHG pattern assault rams (with built-in grenade launcher) and their instantly identifiable vigilance pattern assault shields.[3]

Palanite Rangers

Palanite Rangers are Enforcers who pilot and crew the Palanites' vehicles, such as the Tauros Venator ATV.[9]

Palanite Badzone Enforcers

Palanite Badzone Enforcers are Enforcers who are stationed within Palanite Precinct-Fortresses, that are located in the Badzones of Necromunda's Underhive. These Precincts are lone beacons of order in lawless lands and when first established, they are well-stocked with supplies and given full complements of Enforcers and Subjugators. However their location in the Badzones, ultimately leave these Precincts isolated and they are not regularly supplied or given reinforcements to replenish their losses. Because of this, the Captains in charge of these Precints are left to their own devices to ensure their Badzone Enforcers survive and continue to uphold Necromunda's Pax Helmawr. This results in them abandoning many of the restrictions the Palanite Enforcers normally operate under, such as abolishing the delineation of how their Enforcers and Subjugators are deployed. Hive Scum can also be enlisted to increase the number of forces the Captains can call upon. Occasionally, especially promising Scum are even officially accepted within the Badzone Enforcers' ranks, to replace their losses. In matters of gaining needed supplies, the Captains must rely upon whatever their Enforcers can seize from other Badzone elements or trade for on the open markets. The more specialized equipment they acquire this way, later end up in the hands of the Captains and the Badzone Sergeants, who act as their second-in-commands.[6]

Sanctioner Servo-Automatas

Sanctioner Servo-Automatas are Ogryn-sized servo-automata Dreadnoughts, that are piloted by the psycho-conditioned transplanted brains of especially fanatical Enforcers. In battle, they are not only tough to take down, due to their ability to self-repair, but the Automata can also become mobile bulwarks to protect their Human squad mates.[7]


  • Badzone Enforcers Captain[6]
  • Badzone Enforcers Sergeant[6]
  • Badzone Enforcers Patrolman[6]
  • Badzone Enforcers Enlisted Hive Scum[6]
  • Badzone Enforcers of Sector H8 Flying Squad[8]
  • Badzone Enforcers of Sector H8 Flying Squad[8]