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Panacea Wars

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Panacea Wars
Date ???.M41
Location Verdigris IX
Outcome Dark Eldar objective achieved
Imperium Dark Eldar Orks
Unknown Archon Aurelia Malys Unknown
Imperial Guard Regiments
Skitarii Regiments
Titan Legion
Orbital defenses
Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue Unknown
Heavy Light Heavy

The Panacea Wars was a conflict fought between the Dark Eldar Archon Aurelia Malys on behalf of the supreme overlord of Commorragh, Asdrubael Vect, and the Imperium of Man as well as a marauding horde of Orks.[1]


Growing bored of the constant attempts by Archons of lesser Kabals to win his favour, supreme overlord of Commorragh Asdrubael Vect decided to give them a task in order to prove their worth: to "poison the entire Imperium" and return with proof of the deed. Vect in part was motivated by the desire to thin the resources of the lesser Kabals so they would pose less of a threat in the future. The Archon of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue, Aurelia Malys, managed to gain an early advantage in this race through her connections with the Eldar Harlequins, which provided her easy access in the Webway as well as intelligence that an Imperial Forge World, Verdigris IX, had unearthed a rare medical Standard Template Construct known as Panacea, capable of potentially saving untold billions of lives from disease and poison. Recognizing the importance of such a valuable STC to the Imperium as well as an opportunity to capture an Adeptus Mechanicus High Fabricator that was overseeing the excavation, Malys decided to make this system her target.[1]

A conventional assault upon the world of Verdigris IX was out of the question. The world was heavily fortified by not only the Imperial Guard and Skitarii Regiments, but also a Titan Legion of the Collegia Titanica and imposing orbital defenses. Malys managed to circumvent the orbital defenses by assaulting a large fleet of nearby Orks then making a hasty withdrawal to Verdigris IX. Taking the bait, the pursuing Orks slammed right into Verdigris IX and created a chaotic distraction that had the added bonus of destroying the Titan Legion of the world when an Ork Space Hulk landed directly on top of it. Amid the confusion and devastation, Malys and an elite force of Incubi infiltrated the Forge World and slaughtered the sporadic human resistance before them. Nearly capturing the High Fabricator, Malys' prize was denied to her when Orks got to the Tech Priest first, gunning him down. Malys flew into a rage and realized that only the STC now mattered. Suspecting that the STC was aboard a large convoy of Ork vehicles heading towards their landed Space Hulk, Malys had her Razorwing Jetfighters intercept the convoy and lay down punishing strafing fire while she boarded an Ork Battlefortress and took the STC from a Mek Boy. Her prize in hand, Malys had her forces quickly withdraw.[1]

Upon her return to Commorragh, Malys found her reputation bolstered enormously by not only her savagery in battle and the prize she had acquired, but also by the sheer audacity of her attack. Vect was most pleased, and since that day Lady Aurelia Malys has become one of the most prominent member of the Supreme Overlord's inner circle.[1]