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Paradise World

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A paradise world is a class of planet characterized by its outstanding natural beauty. Its natural conditions are perfect for human habitation. They have little, if any, industry and low populations. Instead of populating or industrializing these rare planets, some are retained in their natural state and used as recreational bases for important Imperial servants. On these planets, warriors may train their bodies and minds for war, studying arcane battle-philosophy and practising martial arts.[1]

The garden world is a sub-classification of civilised class.[2]

Notable Paradise Worlds

Planet name Segmentum Affiliation Population Notes
Askelphion Secundus Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Breanna Unknown Imperium Unknown Also — Jungle World
Bucolia IX Unknown Imperium Unknown Garden World
Cyprian's Gate Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Dawnbreak (former) Unknown Imperium Unknown Current status unknown
Eurydice (former) Segmentum Obscurus Unknown, formerly Imperium None Now — Dead World
Farfallen Segmentum Solar Imperium Unknown
Ultima Segmentum Imperium Unknown Now — Death World. Also - former Agri World
Klithaine (former) Unknown Unknown, former Eldar Unknown Now — Dead World. Also former Exodite World
Quaddis Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown/Variable (residents estimated to less than 5 millions)
Rapture (former) Segmentum Tempestus Imperium Unknown Now — Dead World. Also - former Knight World (House Aramos)
Reth Segmentum Obscurus Imperium 640,000,000
Rophanon (former) Probable Segmentum Tempestus Imperium 0, before Exterminatus — 1,893,300,000 Now — Dead World
Sendennis Unknown Imperium Unknown
Terion Unknown Imperium Unknown
Yspotua (former) Unknown Imperium Unknown Current status unknown


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