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Paragon Warsuit

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A Paragon Warsuit[1]

The Paragon Warsuit is an armored walker, used by the Adepta Sororitas.[1]

These vehicles are gifted to those Sisters who have expressed the ultimate faith. The Machine Spirits bounded within the Warsuits trust only the purest Sisters of Battle and are difficult to tame. However, should such a union be successfully formed, the pilot can advance through the thickest enemy fire and engage the most fearsome of foes.[2]

Each Paragon Warsuit is equipped with firepower to rival a Space Marine Dreadnought. Their left arm incorporates a Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer, or Multi-Melta which is augmented by a shoulder-mounted secondary weapons consisting of either twin Grenade Launchers or Storm Bolters. Its right arm wields a melee weapon consisting of a large Power Sword or Power Maul.[2]

Notable Purgator Warsuits

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