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Pariah Nexus (Animated Series)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Animated Series; for the region of space, see Pariah Nexus.

Pariah Nexus is a 2023 animated series which premiered on Warhammer+.[1]


Explore silence and death in the darkest corners of the galaxy. As the Indomitus Crusade reaches the Pariah Nexus, strength and faith will be tested to the limit.[1]


  • Episode 1: A Mark Presented - Aired September 13th 2023. On the shrine world Paradyce, the Necrons have launched a devastating attack. As the Imperial forces attempt to regroup, can a sole Sister of Battle make her way through the ruins of a city and take vengeance on those she blames.[2]
  • Episode 2: Doctrine and Discipline - Aired September 27th 2023. On a world overrun by Necrons, a Space Marine from the Salamanders Chapter stalks the battlefield as the final member of his squad. Can he protect a group of civilians - or will fire and fury fall short?[2]
  • Episode 3: On Her Blindness - Aired October 11th 2023. Convinced by Sa'kan to spare the citizens, Sister Danica contemplates between her faith in the Emperor and her morality as Sa'kan's injuries continue to worsen. The Deathmark that Szeras enlisted encroaches further upon the Imperials.[2]