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Parmenion Thade

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Parmenion Thade is a Warden Colonel of the 88th Cadian Mechanised Infantry.


This page contains spoilers for: Cadian Blood (Novel)

While a First Lieutenant, Thade assumed leadership of the forces stationed in the retreat of Kasr Vallock, where he arranged the evacuation of seventy-one percent of the citizens even as the fortress fell. During this same battle he led a company of his men in the destruction of several Chaos Space Marines and the Chaos Reaver Battle Titan Syntagma. For his actions he received the Ward of Cadia and was promoted to the rank of Warden Captain.

Thade was one of the officers commanding the 88th's forces that served in the reclamation of Kathur in the spearhead of the Imperial forces assigned to retake the planet. During this campaign Thade commanded three hundred men from the thousand-strong regiment. He and his forces were later assigned to serve under the command of Inquisitor Bastian Caius. Thade successfully commanded his forces through the task of seeking the source for the Plague of Unbelief in Kathur and stopping it. At some point after the Reclamation of Kathur, Parmenion Thade was promoted to the rank of Warden Colonel, possibly because of his achievements during this campaign.


Thade does not like to be called a warden, as he feels he does not deserve the title. However many of his men look up to him. It is known he has some kind of friendship with Colonel Lockwood, who recommended him for the Ward of Cadia and promoted him to Captain, and with First Lieutenant Taan Darrick. Thade does not like his men to use any combat drugs, which caused some troubles with the Kasrkin Sergeant Ban Jevrian. Thade is known also to be a bad player of the Cadian card game "Black Five", which is the reason for the Sentinel squadron's name "Dead Man's Hand".