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Parnival Gründvald

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Formal portrait of Inquisitor Gründvald by Brother Illuminator Gallagher.[2][4a]

Parnival Gründvald[Note 1] is an Ordo Xenos Lord Inquisitor, who is Trantor of Guarm, a member of the Congressium Xenos, associated with the School of Helsig, and is known as the Xenoscourge of Helschen.[1][2][4a][4b][5]


At some point before the early days of the Achilus Crusade, Gründvald discovered a small infestation of Lacrymole on Betacairn.[2][5] After studying them and consulting with Lord Inquisitor Kryptmann, he called the Betacairn Conclave to declare the Lacrymole Xenos Horrificus, and get his fellow Inquisitors' assistance to find and destroy them.[2][3] By the time of the Charnel Spectre Incident it was believed that Gründvald had been successful in eradicating the Lacrymole, but some may have survived, as Inquisitor Malas Dyce believed he encountered some on board the Space Hulk Charnel Spectre.[3]

By 805.M41, Gründvald had become a Lord Inquisitor, and member of the Congressium Xenos.[4b]

In 805.M41 a Necron Lord stole the authorisations necessary to fake orders claiming to be from Gründvald on behalf of the Conclave Conservati, and sent Inquisitor Brehm Sasham to Biegel-9, ostensibly to record and decommission Inquisitor Maturin Ralei's research facility.[4a][4c] After Sasham was killed Biegel-9 was bombarded from orbit, and Gründvald denied all involvement in this to Inquisitor Balteus.[4b]

After the Badab War, Gründvald described how the Imperium had defeated the Scythe, Lacrymoles, Orks of Nazdreg and Zogrond, the Helschen Empire (indeed Gründvald is known as the Xenoscourge of Helschen[2]), the Traitors of Thren, the Zygo of Camgia, the Tyrant of Badab, the Losh, the Killip'rene, the Hellesphere Heretics, the Eldar of Iyanden, the Drugh, the Demos, and the Khrave.[5] He described the Tyranids of Behemoth, the Kroot, Cratchets and Ambulls as current threats, but said that the Imperium had survived for ten thousand years, and would continue to do so for another epoch with the Emperor's help, and set out the necessity of the endless wars against the alien races of the Galaxy.[5][6]



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