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Past in Flames (Short Story)

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Past in Flames
Author J.C. Stearns
Publisher Black Library
Released May 2020
Pages 33
Collected in Vaults of Obsidian (Anthology)

Past in Flames is a Blackstone Fortress short story by J.C. Stearns.


Veth Rayden, a Drukhari pirate, and Amallyn Shadowguide, an Biel-Tani Ranger venture inside the Blackstone Fortress to secure an ancient Aeldari artefact, the Chorale Lilcartha. While delving inside the Talismans of Vaul to retrieve this piece of shared literature from the Grendish 82nd Traitor Guard Regiment they will need to deal with each other's eccentricities if they want this expedition to be a success. Because as powerful the forces of Chaos might me their enmity towards each other might prove to be the more deathly foe.

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