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Pator Antias

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Pator Antias was an Admiral in the Imperial Navy who led the Imperium's fleets in conquering what later became the Antian Sector. Disaster struck, though, when after his latest victory against the Xenos empires and fallen Human domains that held the Sector, his flagship, the Battleship Majestic Light, was struck by a Warp Storm and was lost to to the Imperium. Afterwards, Antias was declared an Imperial Saint and became the patron Saint of the Antian Sector, which was named in his honour[1a]. However, millennia later in late M41, when the Daemon Prince Corruptis opened a Warp Rift in the center of the Antian Sector[1b], the Majestic Light suddenly reappeared. The Battleship was found intact within the Warp Rift, but when the Imperium's forces boarded the Majestic Light, they found no sign of Antias or his crew.[1a]

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