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Pattern Ataxia

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Pattern Ataxia is a Necron mental degradation disease[1a], that began afflicting the species after their Biotransference.[1b]


It is unrepairable and strikes at those Necron who are capable of independent thought. Pattern Ataxia worsens over time and eventually the afflicted will find that they can barely hold a sentence together[1a]. They also suffer memory loss[1b] and their fighting capabilities greatly suffer as well[1a]. Advanced cases will begin suffering from either fits of obsession, paranoia[1b], confusion[1a] or sleep-like dormancy. While some Necron are able to have moments of clarity, where they act as their normal selves, these are always brief before the Ataxia takes hold of them again[1b]. Many of the Ithakas Dynasty's Necron are known to suffer from the disease.[1a]

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