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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Map perdus rift.jpg
Name: Pech Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Sector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Kroot homeworld, Tau Empire
Class: Unknown

Pech is the homeworld of the Kroot.[1]


Pech has three main continental masses; the largest of these is a warm and temperate, and covered in evergreen jagga trees. Unforested areas are rocky, parched, or affected by violent storms, and generally inhospitable.[1]

Fauna on Pech consists almost entirely of the Kroot and their cousin species, such as the lumbering grazers called krootox, the savage kroot hounds, and what may be the original kroot genus, the kroothawk.[2]

Today, the Kroot live in homes constructed from hides and regurgitated wood among the tree tops of Pech. There are the ruins of least five hive cities created by the kroot during their expansionist phase, but these are overgrown wildernesses now that the Kroot have returned to their traditional ways of life.[1]


Sometime prior to 844.M38, an Ork Rok crash landed on Pech. The survivors were defeated and eaten by the Kroot, who soon began to manifest the abilities of the consumed Ork Mekboyz. This led to a period of development and expansion, when the Kroot expanded beyond Pech in Warspheres and settled other nearby worlds.[1]

However, a few thousand years later, Pech and its surrounding worlds were overrun and occupied by Orks. Eventually, the Tau Empire agreed to liberate Pech from Ork control at the behest of the Kroot leader Anghkor Prok. After years of hard fighting which began with the War in the Place of Union, Pech and other core Kroot worlds were finally freed from Ork control.[1][3]

In 991.M41, it was the site of the Dark Eldar Pech Raid.[5]

In 919999.M41, a lone Tyranid bio-ship of Hive Fleet Gorgon disgorged its vile swarms upon Pech. Though the Kroot are able to kill the smaller Tyranids, multiple tribes are killed by the giant Bio-Titans attacking their world. It is only when the Tau Empire deploys to Pech, to save their long-time allies, that the tide of battle turns against the swarm. Working together, the Kroot and Tau soon hunt down and kill every Tyranid infesting Pech.[4]

It was invaded again by the Tyranids in the Second Tyrannic War, but the invasion was repelled. Afterwards, the Murabla Kindred vowed revenge for the lives of their kin that were lost, and left to pursue the creatures.[6]