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Pedro Kantor: The Vengeful Fist (Short Story)

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Pedro Kantor: The Vengeful Fist
Cover art
Author Steve Parker
Publisher Black Library
Series Lords of the Space Marines
Preceded by Gabriel Seth: The Flesh Tearer
Followed by Cato Sicarius: Master of the Watch
Released 2013
Editions December 2013 e-book
ISBN 9781782513650

Pedro Kantor: The Vengeful Fist is a short story by Steve Parker. It was published online in December 2013 as part of the Black Library Advent Calendar (2013).

Cover Description

It is a year since the greenskins invaded Rynn's World and the Crimson Fists were brought low. Now, lord of a shattered Chapter, Pedro Kantor has become an administrator, guiding his brethren through the slow process of rebuilding. But Kantor is a vengeful Fist, and misses the joy of battle. As he struggles to reconcile the two, war beckons. Can he resist its lure?


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