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2drones.gif This article is about the Imperial Guard reconnaissance vehicle; for the other uses, see Pegasus (disambiguation).

The Pegasus Armoured Fighting Vehicle[2] is a reconnaissance vehicle of the Imperial Guard.[1]

When the vast imperial guard armies advance reconnaissance and intelligence units must rove ahead to gather information on enemy positions and strengths. To accomplish these missions the units must combine speed and mobility with the ability to hold their own if there is an encounter with the enemy. Reconnaissance units are without a doubt the eyes and ears of the imperial guard army.[1]

Modified chimera and Leman Russ tanks were found to be too slow and unwieldy for the kind of hit and run tactics required . what was needed was a combination of the fire power and versatility of the Chimera and the sheer firepower of the Leman Russ. Thus the Pegasus Armoured Scout Car was born. The powerful Leman Russ engine was fitted into a shortened Chimera chassis while a four wheel drive system gave the stability and maneuverability required. The Pegasus was easily capable of outrunning most vehicles and has a produced many variants including the Pegasus Command.[1]

The Pegasus AFV is used to scout ahead of the main force probing the enemy battle lines for any weaknesses that may be exploited. It has a crew of one driver and two gunners.[1]

It is armed with turret mounted Multi-Laser, Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter, or Autocannon with a 360 degree of fire and a hull mounted Heavy Bolter or Heavy Flamer[2] with a 90 degree field of fire.[1]

Additionally the primary and secondary armaments can be equipped with targeters, Auto-launchers carrying Frag Grenades, Blind Grenades, or Frag Defender rounds. [1]


In Citadel Journal 15 the Pegasus went under the name Centaur but as of White Dwarf #270 that seemed to have changed likely to avoid confusion with a vehicle of the same name.