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Pegasus Command Vehicle

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The Pegasus Command Vehicle is a reconnaissance HQ vehicle for the Imperial Guard.[1]

The Pegasus Command Vehicle [2] is a variant of the Pegasus that allows Imperial Guard Commanders to move with great speed to any part of a battlefield where their presence is required. This is especially important when commanding large numbers of tanks. Pegasus Command Vehicles are lightly armed and armoured. It is crewed by one driver, one gunner, and one officer.[1]

The Pegasus Command Vehicle functions in a manner akin to a mobile command HQ. It is equipped with specalised fire control and communication equipment, being able to call in artillery barrages. In addition to the comm-link the Pegasus Command Vehicle is equipped with sophisticated sensors, movement/heat detectors, and other surveillance equipment.[1]

It is armed with a hull mounted Heavy Bolter or Heavy Flamer with a 90 degree field of fire.[1]

Additionally the Heavy Bolter cab be equipped with a targeter. Additions include Auto-launchers carrying Frag Grenades, Blind Grenades, or Frag Defender rounds.[1][2]


In 'Citadel Journal 15 the Pegasus Command went under the name Minotaur but as of White Dwarf #270 that seemed to have changed likely to avoid confusion with a vehicle of the same name.


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