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Penitent (Novel)

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Author Dan Abnett
Performer Helen Keeley
Publisher Black Library
Series Inquisitor , Bequin
Preceded by Pariah
Released 2021

Penitent is the 2nd novel of the Bequin Series.[1]

Cover Description

In the mysterious city of Queen Mab, the forces of light and darkness are locked in a murderous struggle for truth. The dedicated agents of the Holy Inquisition battle with their shadowy counterparts, the infamous Cognitae, to discover the encrypted identity of the enigmatic, all powerful King in Yellow.

Caught at the heart of this struggle is the pariah Alizebeth Bequin. Will she stand with the Inquisition, or with the Cognitae that raised her? And if she chooses the Inquisition, will it be the wise but ruthless Ravenor. or his rival, the denounced heretic Eisenhorn.[1]

Bequin must withstand an onslaught of angels and daemons, and even the mysterious warriors of the Traitor Legions, to unpick the greatest riddle of her life.[1]


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