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Penitent Crusade

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Penitent Crusades[1] (also known as Penitence Patrols[17]) are Crusades that Space Marine Chapters either voluntarily[2][3] or forcibly undergo[1][4], in order to earn redemption for any wrongdoing they have committed.[1][2]


If voluntary undertaken, the Crusade will last until the Chapter feels they have been redeemed[2][3]. They may also give these Penitent Crusades to their Companies[5][6], squadrons[7][8] and even individuals[9]. Chapters can also be forcibly made to under take these Crusades by high ranking Imperials, if they have been found guilty of any wrongdoing[1][4]. These types of Penitent Crusades must last for a certain amount of years[1][10][11] and the Chapters undergoing them, may have other Imperial forces assigned to watch over them during that time[12]. The Chapters will also lose control of their Homeworlds, until their Penitent Crusade is over.[13][14]

Chapters known to have undergone Penitent Crusades