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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Percipre Percipre.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Calixis Sector
Subsector: Hazeroth Abyss
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Agri World
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Percipre is a rather cold and inhospitable world which is nevertheless teeming with life.[Needs Citation]

Percipre was once a famous garden world. Terraforming created a lush paradise, stocked with an incredible variety of plant species from around the galaxy. With the failure of the Terraforming Engines, the planet's population constructed vast glasshouses to protect the collections from the ever harsher conditions, and now only the hardiest of xeno-flora survive outside of their protection.[Needs Citation]

Planetary Data

  • Equatorial Circumference: 13,000 Miles.
  • Gravity: 0.4G (though inside the glasshouse networks the gravity is Terran standard).
  • Satellites: Percipre is orbited by three small captured asteroids, fortified as bastions.
  • Population: Most of the population are servitors, hive dregs from the lowest levels remade to toil in the Great Beds. Hundreds of these servitors wander around the gigantic wrought iron glasshouses, intermittently droning Standard Imperial Motivational Phrases ("The dead return to the soil. From the soil springs the Emperor's Bounty. It is in death we win victory", " It is through intensive agriculture that great victories are won", and so on). There are, however, many other denizens scattered across the planet, including Supervisors, Enginseers, Bio-Priests, unenhanced peasants and escaped Servitors. Some live in semi-independent communities in remote, forgotten glasshouses.
  • Mean Surface Temperature: -45°C (though inside the glasshouse networks the temperature is much higher).
  • Tropospheric Composition: Carbon Dioxide 95.72%, Nitrogen 2.7%, Argon 1.6%, Oxygen 0.2%, Carbon Monoxide, 0.07% Water Vapor 0.03%, Nitric Oxide 0.01% (though inside the glasshouse networks the atmosphere is breathable: Nitrogen 70%, Oxygen 25%, Carbon Dioxide 2.5%, Argon 1%, Ozone 1%, traces of Methane, Xenon, Krypton, Water Vapour and Fomaldehyde).
  • Planetary Governor: The Planetary Governor and Grand Horticulturalist of Percipre is Magos Biologis Hessayon. He is first of a council of the Magi who control sections of the glasshouse network, and his control is limited within those regions controlled by other factions as they are universally very protective of their methodologies and breeding programs.
  • Religion: The population are almost all inductees of the Cult of the Machine God, although visiting Tech-Priests from more orthodox congregations often comment that local worship contains a distasteful respect for the biological. Pagan cults are rumoured to worship primal gods in the depths of the domed forests.
  • Climate: The planet's atmosphere is very thin, much like Mars pre-terraforming. All the agriculture takes place within a network of giant glasshouses that covers much of the surface.
  • Climatic Regions: Smallish polar caps of dirty ice. There are no large bodies of water aside from decorative lakes in the larger glasshouses.
  • Terraforming: Percipre was extensively terraformed some time before Imperial records pertaining to the Calixis Sector began - possibly as far back as the Dark Age of Technology. Enormous machines provided a lush environment famed for its fertility. However, in a later age, the knowledge to maintain the Great Engines was lost, and the planet's inhabitants were forced to turn to more primitive means as their world's atmosphere began to leach off in to space. As a result much of Percipre's surface is covered by vast gas-tight glasshouses constructed from great panes held in ornate wrought iron frameworks. Within these gothic edifices, most large enough for a Titan to walk erect, row after row of foodstuffs grow in hydroponics beds, tended by massed ranks of faceless servitors.
  • Alien Flora and Fauna: The world's biota was completely replaced during the terraforming process. In the millennia since the construction of the glasshouses, complex ecosystems have grown up within them. This has led to the abandonment of large segments of the network as infestation by hostile xenoforms (including pests such as Pyrrusian Dire-Slugs or Catachan Bind-Weed) has made permanent habitation of these areas impossible. Teams armed with flamers and defoliants regularly cleanse such areas, though the strains grow back with aggressive speed and tenacity. Despite this, many expeditions are launched in to lost areas, either to harvest valuable plants growing in ancient, immoveable support beds or to search for valuable species forgotten for centuries.
  • Economy: The entire planet's economy is dedicated to maintaining the glasshouses and producing crops for export.
  • Society: The planet is effectively a bio-forge world, operated by the Adeptus Mechanicus Collegia Biologica. Advanced principles of Biological Technomancy are used to produce massive crop yields from the limited space available. Engineered crop strains are grown in hydroponics support beds, tended by Mechanicus Servitors and watched over by Bio Priests of the collegia. Such an interest in biotechnology is considered somewhat heretical by other factions within the Adeptus Mechanicus, although the world has so far proved to valuable to be moved against directly. (See Organicists)
  • Principle Exports: Percipre exports vast quantities of foodstuffs and other organic products. Nega-Wheat grown in the glasshouses forms the staple diet of several hives, while Praxian-Ironwood from its arboreta is an important building material across the sector. Drugs and stimulants extracted from exotic plant species are important in many fields, including medicine and combat-enhancement, and are greatly desired by decadent noblemen or by certain Imperial Guard regiments who are prepared to experiment with these forms of Stimm.
  • Principle Imports: Principle imports include organic matter to replace soil nutrients and workers for conversion to agri-servitors.
  • Countries and Continents: None
  • Conflicts: Some agri-servitors retain or regenerate enough personality to rebel against their overlords. They constantly launch raids to disrupt the Grand Horticulturalist's regime and liberate their fellow servitors. Tens of thousands of years of Ultra Intensive Horticulture has bred weeds and diseases resistant to even the most lethal toxins available to the Imperium. While bombardment with nerve gas is still enough to control most pests, many must be cleansed manually with fire and plasma. Constant fighting occurs between followers of rival Bio-Magi as they attempt to steal or disrupt other factions' crops. More mundane conflicts between Percipre's inhabitants also occur regularly, such as grizzled chem-poisoned veterans of the pest control fronts arguing with farming aesthetic specialists over whether it will be possible to hold the southern beds long enough for certain rare flowers to bloom.
  • Defences: As a critical resource producer, Percipre is vigorously defended by the planets it supplies, from both Xenos raiders and rival Imperial factions who covert the wealth it generates. There are also a number of dug in AT guns and heavy-stubber nests to be found throughout the greehouse complexes, often ominously positioned around an entrance to a long-neglected area.
  • Imperial Guard Recruitment: None. Percipre is a net importer of manpower as its legions of servitors are not self-sustaining.

Contact with Other Worlds

Percipre is located in the Hazeroth Abyss, and sends shipments of food to many other worlds in the Calixis Sector.[Needs Citation]

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