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Perdus Rift

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the area of space within the Tau Empire; for the Imperial world, see Perdus (World).

The Perdus Rift is an area of space in the galactic northeast of the T'au Empire[1][2] located near the major Sept of Dal'yth.[2]


The Perdus Rift is a region where the influence of the Warp on realspace is much stronger than normal; there the laws of physics are stretched to the breaking point by the Warp's malign influence and nightmarish things may use the Rift as a gateway to manifest.[2]

The worlds of the Kroot, including their homeworld Pech, are located near this sector of space. One of the motivating factors for the Damocles Crusade was perdition by Eldar pirates around the Perdus Rift.[Needs Citation]


The Imperium was already aware of the Perdus Rift by the time the T'au began to chart the region. The Imperium considered the area dangerous and forbid any vessels from entering.[2]

The forces of the major T'au Sept of Dal'yth have occasionally been mobilised to combat incursions of unknown lifeforms that have used the Rift as a portal. As a result of this, the Ethereals have placed a considerable Air Caste fleet in the region as a guard and first response to incidents in the region and have placed an interdiction order on the area.[2]


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