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A Perpetual is an immortal and nigh-indestructible human. Some Perpetuals are part of a sect that wished to guide Human evolution.[14].

Ollanius Persson, an example Perpetual

Some Perpetuals can regenerate from almost any injury however grievous, including decapitation, dismemberment, and disintegration.[1a][9] There are few ways of actually killing such Perpetuals. One method is by the Fulgurite.[1b]

Perpetuals may be natural-born or created. The Emperor transformed Dalia Cythera into a Perpetual so that she could watch over the Void Dragon indefinitely.[13] The Cabal is capable of turning humans into Perpetuals[2] - John Grammaticus is one example. Oll Persson, by contrast, is a natural-born Perpetual. In addition to the abilities, a Perpetual has the mission to guide humanity. For instance, at the beginning of the Horus Heresy, a retired Oll Persson living in exile refused to be called a Perpetual[3].

According to Erda, the Perpetuals are the next step of mankind's evolution, meaning that with time there will be more and more Perpetuals among the species.[14]


The origins of the Perpetuals are a mystery even to themselves. Erda considers Perpetuals to have naturally arisen as the next step in Human Evolution, dubbing them Homo Superior. In the early days of Human history they existed as kings and warlords, but the greatest and most powerful among them was always the being who would become known as the Emperor. The Emperor wished to accelerate the evolution of standard Humanity into beings similar to Homo Superior and personally sought out every Perpetual on Earth for this task. Some joined Him, some refused any part of His plans, while others violently resisted. Many wars in Human history were the result of Perpetual rivals of the Emperor attempting to thwart His plans. One by one the Perpetuals allied to the Emperor eventually left or betrayed Him. At the end of the Unification War, the Emperor along with Malcador the Sigilite, Erda and Amar Astarte, decided to create "Artificial Perpetuals" commonly referred as Primarchs to guide Mankind. [14]

Known Perpetuals