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Phaeton Laurentis

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the tech-priest. For other uses of Phaeton, see Phaeton (disambiguation).

Phaeton Laurentis was a Tech-Priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Traveling with an Imperial Fists expedition to the world of Ardamantua to study the Xenos Chromes, Laurentis was subsequently plunged into the opening shots of the War of the Beast when the world was flooded by Orks. As the world shattered around them, Laurentis managed to save three Imperial Fists while they went into self-healing status, among them Captain Koorland.[1] Laurentis himself went into a comatose state and was buried under rubble shortly after.[2]

Months later, Laurentis's body and the three Fists were discovered on the ruins of Ardamantua by a Mechanicum expedition led by Artisan Argus Van Auken. While Koorland was revived and ultimately became the last known survivor of his Chapter, the Mecanicum was doubtful Laurentis could be saved.[2]

Laurentis later reappeared, almost entirely mechanical, assuring Koorland that he would return to the service of the Machine God.[3] He accompanied Magos Dominus Gerg Zhokuv during the Imperial invasion of Ullanor, providing strategic and technical advice on the Greenskins to Imperial forces.[4]