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Phantine (Planet)

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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Name: Phantine Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Pacificus[1a]
Sector: Sabbat Worlds[1a]
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium[1x]
Class: Industrial World[1b]
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Phantine is an Industrial World of the Imperium located in the Sabbat Cluster, which is known for the Phantine Air Corps Imperial Guard formations.[1b]


Phantine is a mountainous world with little open ground, which has led to the Phantine Air Corps becoming notorious for their use of atmospheric aircraft. Its population lived in protected mountain settlements, many of which have become degraded by pollution and exhaust over time.[2]


The original Imperial settlers who colonised Phantine were led to the planet by Saint Phidolas.[1f]

Although human habitation on the planet was originally based on its surface, in early M40 (approximately 1500 years before the Sabbat Worlds Crusade) Phantine became an established Industrial World.[1b][Note 2] Centuries of unchecked industry ruined the planet's surface, rendering it uninhabitable. Yet still the Imperium persisted in plundering the planet's resources; the entirety of the planet's population now dwell in cities perched atop high mountains or the spires of long-dead hives.[1b][1d]

At some point prior to 771.M41, the planet was occupied by the forces of Chaos (specifically a division of the Blood Pact led by Sagittar Slaith).[1b]

In 771.M41[1b], during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, Warmaster Macaroth's offensive on the Cabal System stalled. This left the Crusade's forces overextended, allowing the Chaos Warlord Orlock Gaur to lead attacks on multiple planets along the Crusade's coreward flank in an effort to disrupt the Crusade's supply lines. Macaroth was forced to hastily redeploy significant elements of the Crusade's spinward flank to open up new supply lines. Phantine was selected as a target for this strategy due to its chemical refineries.[1a]

Ultimately, the Imperial forces were successful in liberating the planet, and Phantine became a staging point and fuel depot for the Imperium during the Crusade.[2]


Due to centuries of rampant industry, the surface of Phantine is covered in a layer of toxic pollution over 5km deep. As a result, the only inhabited areas of the planet are those peaks, natural or manmade, that pierce the pollution.[1b]

Notable Cities




  • Note 1: This is the position on the galactic map of Urdesh[3][4], a Forge World located in the Sabbat Worlds.[1a] Given the size of a sector of space relative to the galaxy, it is reasonable to presume that the rest of the Sabbat Worlds would be in roughly the same position as well.
  • Note 2: At one point in the novel The Guns of Tanith, a set of bells located in the Phantine Basilica in Cirenholm are stated to have been cast when the surface of Phantine was still habitable, "seventeen centuries" before the events of the novel[1d], which takes place in 771.M41.[1b] This would mean that humans still lived on the planet's surface in early M40. In addition, the ruination of the surface is dated to around 1500 years before the Sabbat Crusade[1b], meaning that the surface would have been abandoned around 271.M40.

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