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Phantine Skyborne

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The Phantine Skyborne are Imperial Guard Regiments from the Industrial World of Phantine in the Sabbat Worlds.[1a][1b]


The Skyborne are drop infantry[1c], a product of the fact that their homeworld's surface is uninhabitable (so civilisation is centred around the planet's natural and artificial mountaintops).[1a]

Equipment & Uniform

As drop troops, the Skyborne make use of a standard model of infantry jump pack - specifically the Type Five Icarus-pattern Personal Descent Unit, manufactured on the Forge World of Lucius.[1c]

The Skyborne uniform features cream-coloured tunics and quilted jackets with pale, baggy trousers and high jump-boots. The regimental insignia is worn on the sleeve above a rank insignia (it is known, for example, that Lieutenants wear a single silver bar here).[1b]

Notable Regiments

Notable Personnel

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