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Pharanos is a Primaris Deathwatch member who commanded a Fortis Kill-Team sent to reinforce the forces of Watch Captain Holgjar Ironfang. However, his Kill-Team was composed of Primaris like himself, and this earned them Ironfang's mistrust, as he considered the Primaris to be untested in battle. The Watch Captain then proceeded to scornfully inflict a series of ignominious duties upon the Primaris, while reserving the more glorious missions for his Space Marine Kill-Teams. The Watch Captain later learned the error of his way though during the Battle of Black Gulch, when Ironfang and his Watch Company were nearly destroyed by Orks, until Pharanos and his Kill-Team unexpected arrived to aid them. Due to the efforts of the Primaris, the Orks were driven back long enough for the Watch Company to escape, the Xenos' grasp. In the wake of that catastrophe, Holgjar undertook a decade of voluntary penance for his errors and served as a Battle-Brother beneath the newly promoted Watch Captain Pharanos.[1]

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