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Pharos (Device)

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2drones.gif Ambiguous Term? This article is about the Warp navigation device. For other uses of Pharos, see Pharos (disambiguation).
The Pharos atop its mountain during the Battle of Sotha

The Pharos is a pre-Imperial piece of Xenos bio-technology that is able to harness empathy to aid in Warp travel.[3] Used to navigate the Warp much like the Astronomican, except while the former acted as a "lighthouse" in the Warp the latter was a "lantern". The Pharos allowed the user to find or even teleport to a location they either consciously or subconsciously desired.[1]


Pharos was discovered on Sotha by Dantioch during the Horus Heresy and used by Roboute Guilliman as a beacon to attract scattered loyalist forces to his new empire, Imperium Secundus.[1] The Pharos became the subject of battle when the Night Lords under Krukesh discovered the nature of the device and became determined to claim it in order to find the Nightfall and Konrad Curze. In the ensuing Battle of Sotha, Dantioch overloaded the Device to defeat the traitors and its engines fell silent for the first time. Unknown to all involved, this act served to alert the Tyranids to our Galaxy.[2]

After the Heresy, Guilliman ordered the Pharos destroyed - removing thousands of tonnes of xenos machinery from the mountain and filling its tunnels with millions of tonnes of ferrocrete. The primarch appointed Oberdeii as Warden of the Pharos and Captain of the Aegida Company, sworn to protect Sotha from whatever secrets had been buried in the Pharos. This duty passed to the Scythes of the Emperor after the Third Founding.[4]


In ancient history, the Pharos of Alexandria, Egypt was an immense lighthouse of its time and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world