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Phased Ion Gun

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XV9-04 Hazard Close Support Armour armed with Phased Ion Guns[2]

The Phased Ion Gun is an experimental weapon mounted on XV9-04 Hazard Close Support Armour based on Tau ion weapon technology.[2]


Like the Cyclic Ion Blaster, the phased ion gun operates on the same principle as the vehicle-mounted Ion Cannon. It represents an advancement in battlesuit-mounted ion weapons technology in that it lacks the unstable ionization flaws of the Cyclic Ion Blaster, granting it a more reliable armour-piercing effect.[1] This combined with its withering rate of fire makes it an extremely effective close-quarters counter to large groups of light targets.[Needs Citation]

Exclusive access to the Phased Ion Gun is held by Shas'Vre pilots of XV9 Hazard Close Support Armour.[Needs Citation]

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