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Phoenix Conclave

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Phoenix Conclave
Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg
Origin: Emperor's Children
Leader: Lord Commander Primus Eidolon
Base of operations: Canticle City, Harmony
Colours: White robes
Specialty: Unknown
Chaos Dedication: Slaanesh
Strength: Unknown

The Phoenix Conclave are a group of the leaders of several Emperor's Children Warbands.[1]


The Phoenix Conclave is a group of affiliated Chaos Space Marine warband leaders, aimed at restoring the Legion to its former glory and awaiting the return of Fulgrim to the Legion.[1] Eidolon secretly allied the group to Ezekyle Abaddon's Black Legion, joining their expeditions out of the Eye of Terror.[2b] The Conclave is based in the Legion's old base on Harmony in the Eye of Terror.[2a]


Members wore pristine white robes with hoods over their armour, threaded with gold. Some wore golden daemon masks.[2a]


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