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Phoenix Guard

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Phoenix Guard Champion

The Phoenix Guard were an elite unit within the Adeptus Astartes of the Emperor's Children and served as the personal bodyguards of their Primarch Fulgrim.[1]


The Phoenix Guard wielded Phoenix Power Spears, deadly arcane Power Halberds based on the famed Guardian Spears of the Custodian Guard.[3] They followed their leader where ever he went as part of their duties; even when he was travelling within the relative safety of the starships of the Imperial Navy. During the battle of Laer, they accompanied Fulgrim in the extermination of the Laeran species.[1]

The entire guard was killed on the planet Tarsus in the Perdus Region by Ulthwé Craftworld Eldar. A new Phoenix Guard was assembled and accompanied their Lord in a meeting with Warmaster Horus. They accompanied their master onto the Fist of Iron where they slaughtered the Iron Hands Morlock Terminators bodyguard detail when Fulgrim attempted to convince Ferrus Manus to join Horus's cause. [1]

Known Members of the Phoenix Guard


A squad of Phoenix Guard.[2]

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