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Phosis T'Kar

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Phosis T'Kar was the Captain of the 2nd Fellowship of the Thousand Sons Space Marine Legion during the latter stages of the Great Crusade. A senior member of his Legion, he was also the Magister Templi of its Raptora Cult, therefore being one of the most powerful telekines amongst the Thousand Sons.

Serving long and well throughout the Great Crusade, Phosis T'Kar would meet his end during the Burning of Prospero when, overcome by the flesh-change, he would surrender to death at the hands of Constantin Valdor.


Phosis T'kar

The first mention of Phosis T'Kar in known records is a notation that he was on secondment to the Luna Wolves during their extermination of the Keylekid species; during this time he enjoyed bonds of brotherhood with Ezekyle Abaddon and Hastur Sejanus in particular. These bonds would be renewed at the Ullanor Triumph, which T'Kar attended in the company of his primarch, Magnus and the other senior Captains of the Legion.[1a]

Already a notable warrior, T'Kar achieved perhaps his greatest fame on the world of Aghoru, when he was able to generate a telekinetic shield so strong it proved impenetrable to weapons fire from a xenos Titan. He did this in order to save the life of Magnus, the experience draining T'kar to the point of death; he in turn was only saved by the ministrations of Hathor Maat.[1b]

During the war on Shrike, he led his fellowship in frontal assaults, the 2nd's high proportion of telekinetics allowing them to bludgeon their way into enemy lines under the protection of their invisible shields, although most of the Athaneans in 2nd fellowship were slain as a result of the psychic howl let out by Leman Russ during the final stages of the campaign's last battle. T'kar was then present at the first great confrontation between the two legions, when he led his Raptora out to the fore to generate shields that would hold off the advancing Wolves. As a result, he was also present when Russ slew Hastar, and at the the argument between the Wolf King and Magnus that was only prevented from reaching violence by the arrival of Lorgar.[1c]

After the Council of Nikea — which T'Kar did not attend - he returned to Prospero alongside the bulk of the legion...and like the bulk of the legion, would not leave it again during his lifetime. As a senior Captain, T'Kar was one of the few told by Magnus of Horus' impending betrayal of them all, once the Crimson King had discerned the matter, and was outraged, not only at the idea of the betrayal, but that the notion that Horus could be decieved by a "simple void-predator" of the warp. Shortly after this T'Kar aided in the healing of the remembrancer Camille Shivani by using his fine tk control to hold her absolutely still while she was operated on by Hathor Maat.[1d]

When the Space Wolves attacked Prospero, T'Kar was the first to advocate fighting back, despite Magnus' pleas to the contrary. When Ahzek Ahriman assumed command of the legion and proposed a plan of resistance to the invaders, T'Kar immediately offered his support.[1e]

When the fighting began, T'kar was vaguely disgusted to learn that Adeptus Custodes were not particularly hard for him to kill, but still relished the idea of combat with them. When the Sisters of Silence deployed into his battle-zone, he was nearly killed by a Fenrisian wolf, but was able to slay the beast...as well as recognise its true nature. Also recognising the deployment and effect of the Silent Sisters on his fellows and on the tide of battle, T'Kar deployed himself as a sniper, using his tutelary, Utipa, as his invisible spotter, taking down several of the Sisters with long-range bolt shots and freeing up the use of psychic powers amongst his brethren and turing the tide.[1f]

This was only a temporary reprieve for the Sons however, as Leman Russ himself soon entered the fray, along with his elite retinue, which included Constantin Valdor. The Russ slew his way though the Sons with ease, even managing to survive (and reflect) a concentrated warp-fire attack from Captain Auramagma. Realising that someone had to take the Russ down and that the person with the best chance of doing this was himself, T'Kar drew heavily on his telekinetic powers and blasted through the ranks of the Wolves like a rending, smashing missile, ripping apart or crushing all in his way, their own strikes unable to reach him through his shields. Engorged with power, he easily slew his way to the retinue of the Wolf King, where happenstance placed Valdor in his path. Rearing above the Custode, T'Kar knew he could kill him easily and was indeed about to do so, when the way Valdor reacted to him and his noticing that he was looking down on the Emperor's own bodyguard gave him pause. As Valdor named him Monster, T'kar realised that he had undergone the flesh-change during his empowered rush towards the Russ, and now appeared as nothing more than a hideous, mutated beast. Realising that this was the fate that awaited all Thousand Sons - that had always awaited them - T'Kar sadly dropped his guard and allowed Valdor to slay him.[1g]

Appearance and Abilities

Phosis T'Kar was a tense and choleric Astartes, aware of his own great psychic power and (unknowingly) arrogant about it. Shaven-headed, he sported a distinctive scar that ran from his crown to the nape of his neck and was attended by a Tutelary called Utipa, who appeared as a formless, yet aggressive entity.[1h]

A telekine of immense power, he was able to use his ability in subtle ways (such as telekinetically disassembling, cleaning and reassembling a Bolter)[1i] as well as in more bellicose fashion[1f] and of course the generation of kine shields, such as he used to save Magnus.[1b]

Powerful enough in the telekinetic arts to be able to use them to slay four Adeptus Custodes at once, when his powers were nulled by the Sisters of Silence, he still remained a fearsome close-quarters combatant, killing a Fenrisian wolf with his bare hands and a Silent Sister with his combat dagger and a lethal headbutt.[1f]


Over one thousand realtime years after the death of Phosis T'kar, a Thousand Sons spacecraft was named in his memory. The Phosis T'Kar was a custom-built vessel classified by the legion as a planet-scourer; essentially a mammoth plasma cannon built into the superstructure of a starship and intended solely as an orbit-to-ground bombardment ship. The Phosis T'kar was deployed during the Battle of the Fang.[2] Its current status is unknown.


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