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Phosphex Weapon

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Phosphex Weapons are a class of extremely deadly Imperial incendiary weapon.

Phosphex has the capacity to burn without oxygen and with next to no fuel source. It's capable of burning underwater (being also able to set water alight) and can burn through solid rock, adamantium, and ceramite. Known as the 'living fire', 'crawling death', and 'ice-fire' due to its attraction to movement and sub-zero burning temperature, once unleashed the green cloud of Phosphex expands exponentially, burning everything in its path. The taint of Phosphex residue is far more enduring even than radiation from nuclear fallout, rendering any area exposed to its touch uninhabitable. During the Great Crusade, not even the Death Guard would use it in any but the most extreme circumstances, and even then only on the order of the Legion's most senior commanders.[1]

The last STC fragment for the manufacture of Phosphex was lost in 009.M40. The Tech-priest Veriliad, horrified by the weapon's cruel and destructive nature, destroyed the fragment, forever denying the use of Phosphex to the Imperium from then on. Condemned as a Heretek for his actions, he was burned at the stake, immolated with the weapon Phosphoenix.[4]

Types of Phosphex Weapons