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Pieter Helian Achelieux

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Pieter Helian Achelieux was a high-ranking Navigator (Novator) and head of House Achelieux.[1]

An unparalleled genius among the Navigators, many marked him as a future Paternova[1a]. However the Emperor himself eventually gave Achelieux the task of activating the Dark Glass, an ancient device that was a sister to the Golden Throne. The top-secret project consumed Achelieux for the next 53 years, and he worked on it diligently despite the fact that its success and Imperial access to the Webway would render the Navigator's obsolete. Agents of the ruling Paternova, fearful of the future of the Navis Nobilite, turned one of Pieter's vassals, Veil, and tasked him with destroying the station.[1b]

However Pieter's end came before Veil could even begin his mission. Due Dark Glass's proximity to the Catallus Warp Rift, much of the crew went mad and began a rebellion. As the stations crew slaughtered each other, Pieter attempted to activate Dark Glass' command throne to open a portal and perhaps escape. But the device was far too powerful, and Pieter was reduced to a husk before he could open the portal.[1b]